Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Freebie

My Friday Freebie this week is to share some fun and of course educational plans we will be doing next week.

Basically its a simple method that has been practiced widely among PreK teachers, websites and more.

The basics..
Our Theme is What can you find?
Our Color is Yellow
Our Shape is Oval
Our 3D shape is Cylinder
Our Letter is C
Our Vegetable is Corn
Our Number is 6

With this as our guide we will have a scavenger hunt in our house (and outside weather permitting) We will find things that start w/ C that are yellow or oval shaped or things that are in groups of 6 etc.

Monday we will make a Silo with Popsicle sticks and an oatmeal canister. So this will let us talk about cylinders, where corn is stored & farming, yellow & my 4 yr old LOVES to glue.. so its win win.

Tuesday we will make Lemon (yellow) Jello in our leftover egg dying cups which are oval shaped.
this will reinforce our color & shape and give us a yummy snack too.

Wednesday we will make popcorn and talk about how popcorn is from corn and such. She loves to watch the popcorn maker.

Thursday we will make a big letter C out of yellow ovals (that mom will have loads of fun cutting out) and we will also practice writing the letter C

Friday we will make a big letter 6 by gluing leftover popcorn to paper. and will practice counting things to 6 and writing the number 6. we will also review everything we learned for the week.

These are things we do in addition to our basics, like Bible verses, workbook stuff & computer games and lessons.

Its so easy to come up with these types of plans on your own. Their is a website that has stuff like this broken down for you and when I remember the link I will post it. Have a great weekend everyone.. Please feel free to comment I'd love to hear from you!!

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