Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Education anywhere!

Homeschoolers are blessed that they are not bound by walls. You can teach anywhere, anytime and pretty much anyway you see fit. We love the outdoors here (when weather permits of course)
So many teaching moments that you never even thought of exist beyond the confines of your home. Learning through nature, events, even grocery shopping has some wonderful teaching moments. For example you always open a package of eggs to make sure they are not cracked. Allow your preschooler to count the eggs to. Take a trip down the produce isle and name vegetables, colors, shapes etc. For older children you can talk about breaking down price by ounces and finding the best vaule, read nutrition labels, discuss serving sizes etc. So much exists even in you own backyard. We have a wonderful retaining wall that has turned into our outside chaulkboard, gardening, talking about nature and trees.

Our Seedlings (tomatoes, peppers & jalapeƱos)
Our outside chalkboard. Mostly used for creative works but we have done math here too lol.

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